Moong Dal, Mung Bean, Green Gram

yellow split mung dal, moong dalMoong Dal also known as Green Gram with all its nutritional value is available and consumed in three forms Mung Sabut, Moong Chilka and Moong Dhuli. Desi leaf is one the leading supplier, distributor, trader, importer and exporter of Moong Dal based in Delhi, India. We offer reasonable rates for best quality Mung bean.moong-green-gram

Moong Sabut : With a long history and experience in this line we are able to supply best quality Moong Pulses. We have gained so much esteem in the industry because of excellent quality and taste we are providing. Mung Sabut is a nutritious pulse which is very low fat and has excellent taste and health benefits. This dal is mostly cultivated in India. It is consumed in many forms like sprouts, soups and many more dishes in India, China, Hong Kong and Philippines.

moong-green-grammoong-dal-chilka-splitMoong Chilka: Mung Chilka is among the staple food of India. It is used in various preparation in different forms. This mung chilka has lots of health benefits and is easy to cook and digest.

moong-green-grammoong-dal-polishMoong Dhuli: Moong dal or also known as mung dhuli is hygienically processed before finally delivered. Due to its high protein value it has great energy content. Moreover, it is easily digestible and is an important element for an optimum health.

All the Mung beans are cleaned and processed under guidance of experts in most hygienic conditions. We make moisture free packing for all pulses at least rates.


  • Long shelf life
  • No added preservatives
  • Safe to consume
  • Freshness